Sunfilter Shade Sails

Due to global warming, summers have become noticeably warmer and longer in recent years. For this reason, we need to protect our loved ones, our belongings and our outdoor living environment from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays with proper protection. Shade sails are becoming one of the most popular line of defence against harmful UV rays. Our partner has introduced the latest technologies to the Romanian market, and we felt obliged to build a website that would keep orders coming.

Professional design with premium materials

At Sunfilter they aware of the fact that shade sails have become more and more popular in Central and Eastern Europe in recent years, but very few people are aware of the product. Their products are created with premium materials for any weather condition. From the very beginning of the project, it became clear that we cannot talk about a cheap product, it is a premium material, so it is much more difficult to reach the target audience. We had to build a website that adequately showcases the technology and the concept. All this in three languages, as the Romanian and Hungarian language pages are important due to the local market, and the English translation will be especially important for foreign clients.

Project Goal

Build a product presentation website for local and international market.


A website that helps orders grow and visitors to find all the information.

The history of Sunfilter did not start today, the head of the company has gained significant professional experience over the last ten years, and he wants to use this knowledge in the Romanian market. Although the logo was not created by us, we also agreed with the world of colors, so the development of the new website could begin. A modern design with overlapping elements, which reflects the quality of the product itself.

What We Did

Fresh design, easy navigation for a revolutionary product







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