Mondrian Investment

Mondrian is an employee owned investment management firm with offices in London and Philadelphia. They are value investors across the globe in both equity and fixed income asset classes. Founded in 1990, they have employed a rigorous fundamental research process that is the foundation of their success. Mondrian’s well-resourced investment team manages assets on behalf of over 250 institutional clients.


Stable, consistent leadership with time-tested investment philosophy

One of the most important tools in the modern world is a well-prepared website that takes into account the user experience, even if we talk about an investment management firm. The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has made everyone aware that online presence is important. We started working along with this philosophy on the website, which required a complex UI / UX approach, with a proper presentation of all important data sets related to investment capabilities and fund products.

The goal was not just a simple presentation page, but a data-driven portfolio that provides investors easy and quick insight. We achieved this with detailed descriptions, data tables, and dynamic data charts. In addition to these, the well-presented news and insights section was important, allowing them to post any news or changes.


Project Goal

Data-driven web platform for potential investors, powerful UX, and dynamic charts


Visually attractive and readable investment datas

The biggest challenge was not only finding the best usability but also putting a lot of emphasis on displaying dynamic data, as these data changes several times a year. We needed a solution that would allow for a quick and efficient upgrade without losing weeks in the upgrade process.


What We Did

Data-driven, user friendly solutions for Mondrian Investment Partners







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