Hope Comprehensive Center for Development

Hope Comprehensive Center for Development take a naturalistic and play-based approach to deliver a variety of therapies and services based upon the latest research and years of experience, mix in a lot of love, and partner with future parents in crafting a comprehensive program for their child.

Their Therapists Rock! They bring years of cutting edge experience and state of the art techniques from a variety of settings (hospitals, schools, home health) right to parents! Each member of their team is licensed and nationally certified in the US.

Brand new website for a friendly and stunning team from San Diego

HopeCCD approached us with a request to review their site at a time during a preliminary review and to suggest changes. The first surprise came to us when the site was built around an outdated portal engine that is hardly used today, ignoring the most basic rules of SEO. However, the design also evoked the early 2010s, even though the site itself was made barely two years ago. It became clear that this was going to be a much more complex project than we expected, but with our joint efforts, our team has removed all obstacles.

Project Goal

A company website for an exceptional team to present their valuable services.


Show visitors that caring is the passion of the team with a detailed website

The HopeCCD team wanted a new website, but there were no specific ideas. The Wuko Media team therefore came together to outline the plans, after which we set out to create the UI / UX Design and then incorporated the end result, taking into account the latest development and SEO trends. The end result is not just a simple introductory page, but also an interactive platform where parents can sign up for all of the company’s services.

What We Did

Website Design, User Experience Journey and Website Development







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