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8 Questions to ask yourself before you start rebranding

Your business may need to rebrand itself for a number of reasons. For example, your company’s branding might no longer resonate with customers and you feel like the only way forward is by refreshing its image or perhaps all-new branding is needed in order to match up against competitors who have recently changed strategies too.


Why Internal Culture can make or break your brand?

Internal culture is an important part of the companies brand strategy because the culture of the company would reflect on the productivity of its employees, but despite this reason, many of the employers have failed to recognize these and focus solely on profit and sales.


What would happen if the Google Fonts shut down tomorrow?

Google Fonts was formally launched in May 2010, and it’s now very popular among web designers for plenty of reasons. For one, there are no monthly fees or complicated sign-ups. It’s also a very simple service to use. You only need to include a single line of code to your site, and you instantly gain access to a massive selection of beautiful fonts. Despite all that, a few questions need to be asked.