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At the interface of design and strategy, we create holistic identities and inspiring brand experiences that help businesses and brands evolve in a world of constant change. Always on the basis of clear values and high aesthetics.

We're just like a digital agency, but without all the bull$#it.

From amazing startups like such as Athena to multinational businesses such as WWF, we work with a wide variety of clients across various verticals. We like to get our hands dirty with consumers who know what results they want and trust us to lead the way, whether it is a corporate website that needs to be updated or a hot new product launch.

You get an all-star team with the skills and experience to get your project moving fast when you partner with Wuko Media. We have learned how to see around corners, remove expensive errors before they arise, and produce the results you are seeking.

A B C ━ Z

A ━ Improvements

We go in pursuit of identity using research, workshops and qualitative studies. We discover the important features along with our customers and define the best aspects in order to design them for the respective project.

B ━ Understanding

Setting up the right infrastructure for a digital presence can be hard and expensive.T he last thing you want to do is waste time on someone who doesn’t understand what you really want. Worse still, many mainstream ad agencies will charge you an arm and a leg!

C ━ Multicultural

Any measure improves the brand world’s awareness. We use internal and external contact networks at different levels for our interdisciplinary team to make identity seem more diverse and, step by step, experience-oriented.

Z ━ Change Happens

In close cooperation with our partners, we gives brief, explore the necessary actions and create the necessary steps to guide the current brand into the future. We are a bold-thinking digital agency and we put your goals on the first place.

Future favours the bold

Our work begins with a plan designed to put together all brand programs, platforms and operations in a way that thrives. Our method is based on an approach to a collective client. Contemporary contact with brands should be something that individuals really want to be part of. That is what we’re here for, to trigger your audience.

It’s hard and time-consuming sometimes, but we do not look for shortcuts. We are proud of the ethics of our job and it is this mindset that distinguishes us. WUKO is 100% autonomous and individual. From the beginning of the age of digital communication, our founders have been working closely together with leading brands.

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